Governor Nathan Deal

NAACP Atlanta President: Talks About Confederacy At Stone Mountain Have Hit A StalemateAtlanta NAACP President Richard Rose says they are continuing the fight, along with the SCLC and the Georgia NAACP, to remove Confederate emblems from properties owned by the State of Georgia
Trying To Turn Back The Clock? Georgia Governor Is Called "Most Racially Insensitive Since Lester Maddox"
Atlanta Lawmaker Wants Governor To Change New Fireworks Law
Georgia Governor Deal: Confederate Flag License Plate Needs RedesignGeorgia's specialty license plate featuring the Confederate flag should be redesigned, Gov. Nathan Deal said Tuesday, after initially telling reporters he wouldn't urge changes.
Atlanta State Senator Joins Rally At U.S. Capitol Against Closing Hospitals
Transportation Law To Fix Roads And Bridges Comes With Price Hike On Gasoline And Hotels
An Emotional And Difficult Journey: Georgia Governor To Sign Medical Marijuana Bill
Medical Marijuana Hearings Start Today At The Georgia Capitol
Streaking Atlanta Hawks Applauded At The Georgia Capitol
Early Voter Numbers Could Signal Big Changes In Georgia
Aftermath of Georgia General Assembly Session
Drug Testing For Food Stamp Recipients To Become Law?
Taz Goes Big With A New Daily Show!
Popeyes Crash Your House!

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