Members of the Atlanta Police (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)

Little Restraint In Military Giveaways

Small-town police departments across the country have been gobbling up tons of equipment discarded by a downsizing military — bicycles, bed sheets, bowling pins, French horns, dog collars, even a colonoscopy machine — regardless of whether the items are needed or will ever be used.


Winner Roll Call! Ballethnic Urban Wonderland 2010…

The Station: V103. The Event: Urban Nutcracker Wonderland. The Winners: Here!


Defying the odds…

This past weekend, all three listeners of the Gospel Prize Packs were men!


Gotta Have Gospel? Get your hands on these prizes!

This week- I gave away Children of Color Study Bibles and and the new Landmark CD by Rev. Jasper Williams!


Congratz again to this lucky listener!

Every now and then, we get a listener that is genuinely excited…