Court: Man Can't Be Retried For Murder After Mistrial RulingThe Georgia Supreme Court ruled Monday that the mistrial ruling was made "without sufficient factual support and without considering less drastic alternatives to terminating the trial."
Court Decision Causes Cancellation Of WarrantsGeorgia Supreme Court ruling has invalidated tens of thousands of arrest warrants for people accused of failing to complete misdemeanor probation requirements.
High Court: Inmates Have Right To Legal ResourcesA Georgia Supreme Court ruling reinforces inmates' rights to access prison libraries and legal assistance.
Court Upholds Murder Conviction In Santa Attack The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld a murder conviction and life prison sentence for a man accused of fatally attacking a woman while he was dressed as Santa Claus.
State Supreme Court To Hear Argument Over Who Gets Airport Taxes
Georgia Supreme Court Strikes Death Nail In Assisted Suicide RestrictionsGeorgia's top court has struck down a state law designed to discourage assisted suicides after a legal battle brought by four members of a suicide group who said it also violated free speech rights.
Tate Execution Delayed
Parents Outraged Over Charter School Ruling

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