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The Gayle King Show July 23

Need help with parenting? Gayle talks to a parenting expert today.


The Gayle King Show July 22

Shirley Sherrod, the USDA official forced to resign earlier this week visits Gayle in the studio to answer the questions America is asking


The Gayle King Show July 21

Gayle doesn’t just talk about the Shirley Sherrod case, she talks to Shirley Sherrod.


The Gayle King Show July 20

While today was Primary Election Day here in Georgia, Gayle tries to unravel some of the bureaucracy that still exists between government agencies since the attack of 9-11-01 with a reporter from the Washington Post.


The Gayle King Show July 19

Gayle talked to New York Tea Party organizer David Webb about Mark Williams’ racist blog


The Gayle King Show July 15

Gayle King finds out like many others that David Webb the organizer of the New York Tea Party Federation is African American. She gets a 101 lesson in what the Tea Party is all about.


The Gayle King Show July 14

Gayle talks about the legacy of late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner with New York Times sports columnist  (and Morgan State Univ. alum) Bill Rhoden


The Gayle King Show July 13

Gayle is having a hard time getting past the Mel Gibson rants…Has it effected your view of him as an actor?


Gayle King Talks to the Man Who Talked to Lebron

Jim Gray tells the inside story on the Lebron James announcement


Do You Spank Your Kids?

Gayle King wants to know where you stand on the issue