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Source: N.A.A.C.P. Chapters ‘Don’t Support’ Gay Marriage, Caught Off-Guard

A former N.A.A.C.P. board member says some chapter presidents who don’t support gay marriages were caught off-guard by the organization’s decision to back President Obama on gay marriage. “They are not happy,” the former board […]



President Obama Just Lost The Election

Since President Obama has announced that he is supporting gay marriage, many citizens have criticized his decision and said it was a bad idea. Rumor has it that President Obama may have just lost his chance […]


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Student Council President Loses Position Over Gay-Inclusive Prom Initiative

A model student was ousted from his position as student council president at Alpharetta High School after suggesting a revision of the titles of Prom King and Queen to something more gender-neutral. He reportedly said that he wanted the dance to be more inclusive to the school’s gay community.


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“Mommy I Want To A Boy”: Do You Think Children Should Be Allowed To Have A Sex Change?

Today on Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White we discussed the growing trend of children being allowed to have a sex change.  In many states lawmakers are considering giving children the freedom to have a sex change […]


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Hate Crime Victim Speaks Out

Brandon White, the young man who was beaten ou side a grocery store for being gay, comes forward during a press conference. He says he plans on pressing charges after his attackers posted the beating on the […]


Keepin It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton 2/7

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Gay Couples Raising Or Adopting Children

On Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we talked about another very controversial issue regarding Gay Couples and parenting.  Our special guests were an African-American gay male couple who have adopted children and are living a very […]


Keepin It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton 6/23

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City Pays Patrons Of A Gay Club

  A federal judge approved the motion for the city to pay Eagle Bar plaintiffs $1,000,000.


Gay Club Patrons Win Settlement

The Atlanta Eagle Bar was awarded $1,000,000 after police raided the establishment in 2009……