Gas Prices

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Gas Prices Update: Price Break At The Pump

ATLANTA, GA (WAOK)-Get ready for another significant break at the gas pump. Several analysts said factors are favorable forgasoline to go back down, even to the two dollar neighborhood later this year. In fact, on […]


Photo Courtesy: Mike Moore

Gas Prices Update: Holding Steady

ATLANTA, GA (WAOK)- Gas prices across Georgia are unchanged from last week at two-67. “Triple A” says that’s 14 cents higher than a month ago. Statewide prices range from a low of two-52 in Albany […]


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Gas Price Roller Coaster Up Again

ATLANTA (WAOK)- The roller coaster gas price ride is up again— This time –it’s- up a nickel from last week to two-24. “Triple A” says the cheapest gas is in Augusta where it averages two-13. […]


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Summer Gas Prices Expected To Be Cheapest In A Decade

Low gas prices are projected to continue through this summer. Triple-A says prices could get to around $2 per gallon. says motorists will enjoy the cheapest summer gas prices in a decade. I spoke […]


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Gas Prices Continue To Rise

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA (WAOK)- Gwinnett drivers are beginning to feel a little pain at the pump. If you have filled up lately, you probably noticed the cost continues to climb from recent lows. Gas prices […]


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Prices At The Pump: “Expect Them To Climb Fairly Steadily”

We’ve enjoyed falling gasoline prices for months, but nothing good lasts forever right? Senior petroleum analyst Gregg Laskoski says the national average price of gasoline has already increased by 5 cents per gallon from $2.06 […]


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Prices At The Pump Rise. Have They Bottomed Out?

ATLANTA (WAOK)- The end of $2 per gallon gasoline has likely arrived. After falling to the lowest average price in nearly six years last month, retail gasoline costs are once again on the rise – […]



Gas Price Slide “Has Indeed Come To A Halt”

Average retail gasoline prices in Atlanta have fallen 0.9 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $1.99 a gallon, according to the gasoline price website Driving between Roswell and Canton Sunday, I saw […]


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City Savings Due To Lower Gas Prices

ATLANTA (WAOK) – Each day of falling gas prices means saving big bucks at Atlanta city hall. The official in charge of the city’s four thousands cars and trucks estimates the government has saved nearly […]


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Find Cheap Gas In Atlanta

The price we’re paying at the gas pump continues falling to near historic lows. According to’s Gregg Laskosky, in metro Atlanta the lowest price for a gallon of regular is at a Marathon station […]