Rob Stone from FOX Sports Talks 2018 World Cup DrawRob Stone interview about the 2018 World Cup draw.
John Smoltz: 'Wild Card Game Doesn't Belong in our Sport'Braves legend and Fox Broadcaster John Smoltz joins Dukes and Bell to talk about the odd situation going on with the Braves front office, the Yankees and Twins Wild Card Game tongiht, and the MLB playoffs as a whole.
The NFL Hurry Up: 'TV Is My 2nd Job'It was time for the NFL Hurry up, Josh Norman will be on a Fox Pregame show during the season, Hugh said “From what I hear Norman had this in the works before he...
LISTEN: Joe Buck Joins The Morning ShowFox Sports lead play-by-play announcer Joe Buck joined the Morning show, Hugh asked Joe about how he handles "It's tough, but working with guys like Aikman and Smoltz are great because I can...
Kelsey Wingert Joins Dukes And BellKelsey Wingert of Fox Sports joined the guys to talk about the Braves. Wingert also gave some insight on Les Miles and where his team end up after the season...
Jay Glazer: "Falcons Got Some Weapons If They Can Stay Healthy"
Charles Davis: "Still Have A Lot Of Questions About The Falcons"
Seth Everett NY Mets radio network pre/post game host and MLB insider for Fox Sports
Paul Byrd: "If I Put On Something That Makes Me Look Like A Spaceman And Helps Me Protect My Family, I'm All For It"
Mike Pereira from Fox Sports
Fox Sports Pam Oliver On The Rick And Jamie Show
Giants, Tim Hudson Agree To Deal

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