Photo of a demonstrator protesting home foreclosures (Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

‘Robin Hood’ Lawyer Fights Foreclosures

For 34 years, Robert Thompson Jr. had been a business and labor lawyer — as was his father before him — defending corporations and financial institutions and even serving on several banks’ boards of directors.



Foreclosures On The Rise In Georgia

ATLANTA (WAOK) – Foreclosures in Georgia are on the rise again. In January the state ranked 4th in the nation with over 12-thousand homeowners receiving default notices.  The number is up 17-percent from December. Overall,  […]



Group Of Sovereign Citizens in Custody

Dekalb County has brought charges against a group of Sovereign Citizens. Sovereign Citizens are known for moving into abandoned properties. Once moved in they create false deeds, to make it seem as if they are the […]


Prepare for the Foreclosures

More foreclosures are in store for the U.S.


Redding News Review

Rob Redding wants President Obama to reevaluate foreclosures around the nation. Listen to what he had to say on Sunday’s Redding News Review


Stop the Foreclosures!

Some lawmakers are suggesting a nationwide moratorium is needed on foreclosures amid mounting evidence that inaccurate documents have been used at times to evict owners. 


Foreclosures Halted!

Bank of America halts foreclosures around the entire nation.