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Too Much Truth Recap: It Is A Tell The Truth Friday!!!

It is a “Tell the Truth Friday” were you get in where you fit in and bring up what ever you want to talk about. Click the audio link to here the first hour of […]


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Obama Facebook Delivery

In a Facebook version of a town hall meeting, President Obama shared his ideas on cutting the deficit. President Obama shared the stage with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  As the President spoke to audiences online and in […]


Facebook in the News

Atlanta (WAOK) A Clayton County mother says Facebook helped give her information she used to file statutory rape charges against a teen for having sex with her 12 yr old daughter. 17 yr old Rodney […]


World Aids Day December 1

As the world embarks upon another World Aids Day, a global study reveals a pill already proven effective to treat HIV can also help prevent the disease, some of your favorite celebrities are taking a […]