Wait, Who Did You Say Was Voted Off of DWTS?

Shock and disbelief filled the air as another star was dimmed on DWTS.


And Now There Are Four

Yeah, I know, we were all disappointed when Rick Fox was voted off of “Dancing With the Stars” last week. But, there is still hope; Brandy and Kyle Massey have made it into the final four.


Will the Pressure Bust Pipes or Make a Diamond out of Brandy?

Brandy has proven that she has the moves and she has the scores to match.


Brandy, Kyle & Rick are Safe Again!

    Kyle Massey gets to dance again.


Brandy, Rick & Kyle Are Safe Again…The Situation Comes to a Conclusion

Brandy, Rick Fox and Kyle Massey were able to breath a sigh of relief  early last night.


Brandy, Rick & Kyle Are Safe–Yes!!

This week it was Rick Fox’s turn to shake in his sequins.


Brandy Stays, Michael Bolton Goes

On last night’s “Dancing With the Stars”, it seemed like an eternity as Brandy waited to the very end to learn if she was safe for another week.


DWTS Gets Off to a Flying Start

“The Hoff”, otherwise known as David Hasselhoff, was the first contestant to go on Dancing With the Stars. Even so, it looks to be an interesting season! Brandy and Jennifer Grey scored very highly, and […]


Brandy, Kyle and Rick are Still Shining on Dancing With the Stars

The top scorers are safe on “Dancing With the Stars” – including Brandy, Kyle Massey and Rick Fox.


R&B's Platinum Girl Prepares to Dance With the Stars Tonight

She has conquered the world of music, but can she conquer the world of dance to win the shiny mirrorball?