Duluth High School

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Student Suspended For Year For Hugging Teacher Finally Graduates High School

A former Duluth High School student who was suspended for a year for hugging a teacher has finally graduated high school.


Sam & April McNair

The Sidney Wood Show: When A Simple Hug Goes Wrong

Today on the Sidney Wood Show we had Sam and April McNair in the studio.  If you are not familiar with Sam’s story, he is a Duluth High School student that was suspended for a […]


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[VIDEO] Too Much Truth – Did The School Go Too Far?

Have you heard the story about the 17-year-old senior who got suspended for hugging? At Duluth High School, student Sam McNair was suspended last week for hugging his teacher. She reported him to the school […]


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Student Suspended For A Year After Hugging Teacher

A high school senior won’t graduate on time after being suspended for one year for hugging a teacher.