Hawks' Forward Mike Scott Arrested On Felony Drug Charges
Major Meth Operation Discovered In AtlantaAuthorities in Atlanta say they have shut down a methamphetamine operation capable of producing a significant amount of the drug.
Report: Woman's Spontaneous Orgasms Caused By Parkinson's DrugA woman with Parkinson’s disease took a common drug used by people with her condition and spontaneously experienced orgasms, a new report on her case obtained by LiveScience stated.
Report: WHO Warns Of Drug-Resistant Threat  The World Health Organization reports that drug-resistant bacteria have become a global problem.
Man Gets 18 Months For Planting Drugs On Car A northwest Georgia man has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for planting drugs on a woman's car in an effort to get her arrested.
Funeral Plans Announced For Chris Kelly of Kris Kross