Slice of Life: How Do You Mourn a Sports Loss
Rick and Randy Macs Slice of Life: Your NemesisRick and Randy Mac in for John talk about the things in life that challenge you every day. Whats your biggest nemesis? Is it a sports team? Is a co-worker? Is it Social Media? What drives you crazy and can easily push your buttons...
Rick and Randy Macs' Slice of Life: Seasonal DrinkRick and Randy (in for John) get tipsy with the Slice of Life. Mark is heading out of town this weekend and with the temps changing...
Slice of Life: Dealing With Anger ManagementRick and John are fired up and need to vent in today's Slice of Life. After the Falcons loss at Seattle thanks to a missed Passed Interference call, Atlanta fans are angry...
Rick and John's Slice of Life: Changing Your LuckRick and John talk good and bad luck with today's Slice of Life. Both guys are used to having good and bad days with Fantasy Football, Rick had a come from...
Too Much Truth: Girl Code?
Study: Alcohol Intake Peaks At 25Alcohol intake peaks in early adulthood, a new study finds.
Study: Drinking More During Midlife Raises Stroke RiskDrinking more during middle age can increase your risk of a stroke, a new study finds.
Father Accused Of Forcing Teen Son To Drink Alcohol Until He Passed Out To Teach Him A LessonA father is accused of forcing his teenage son to drink alcohol until he passed out.
Study: It's OK To Give Young Kids A Sip Of Your BeerA young child sipping their parents' alcoholic beverage is not an indicator of drinking problems later in life, say researchers.
Study: 1 In 10 Deaths Among Working-Age Adults Due To Excessive Drinking According to a new study, one in 10 deaths among working-age adults is due to excessive alcohol.
Study: Middle-Class Women More Likely To Drink During PregnancyThe findings of a recent study suggest that middle-class mothers-to-be are more likely to imbibe alcohol while pregnant than women from any other economic tier.

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