Rashad Richey's Review: Do You Agree with Donald Trump's Suggestion to Reenact Racial Profiling?Join our poll: Donald Trump recently stated that the United States should consider bringing back racial profiling in efforts to combat terrorism. Do you agree?
Orlando Mass Shooting Targets the LGBT CommunityRashad Richey, discusses the Orlando mass shootings and how the terrorist act is being politicized.
Rashad Richey's Review: Is Donald Trump the Best Candidate for African Americans?Join our Poll: Do you think Donald Trump is the best candidate for black voters?
Trump, Sanders Win the Indiana PrimaryTrump and Sanders win Indiana. The picture is much clearer on the nominee for one party but what about the other?
Rashad Richey's Review: Do You Think Trump & Clinton Will Face Off?With their respective leads heading into the Indiana Primary, do you think Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off to be the next President of the U.S.?
What Are Your Qualifications for President?Rashad Richey discusses the qualities people look for in a potential Presidential candidate.
Rashad Richey's Review: Politicizing the Abortion DebateJoin Our Poll: After Donald Trump's recent comments on abortion, do you think the abortion debate has been over politicized?
Rashad Richey's Review: Should African Americans Leave the Democratic Party?Join our poll: Should African Americans abandon the Democratic party to form their own political party?
Rashad Richey's Review: Are Trump Supporters Ill-Informed?Do you think Donald Trump's political supporters are fully informed of his political stance and what he plans to do if elected President?
Trump/Cruz 2016: A Political Dynasty?Robert Patillo says a Trump/Cruz ticket could be the beginning of a political dynasty that heads the GOP for the next 16 years.
Robert Patillo Examines The Republican House of CardsAttorney Robert Patillo examines more closely the probabilities that we will see Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President of the United States.
Rashad Richey's Review: Are Republican Presidential Candidates Being Sincere in their Bashing of TrumpJoin our Poll: Are Republican Presidential Candidates being sincere if they bash Donald Trump today, but pledge to support him if he wins the Republican Presidential Nomination?

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