Don Lemon

Kwame Kilpatrick

Education, Entertainment & Politics… We Covered It ALL!

On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, we tackled the gamut of conversation rounding out issues in education, politics and entertainment. To help us in our discussion, we had a few special guests on the […]


Casey Anthony

Gulity Until Proven Innocent

Today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White was jam-packed with hot news topics! Talks of suprising verdicts, startling scandal details and thought provoking opinions flooded our airwaves! To join us in our many discussions, Atty. Janice Mathis called […]


Don Lemon & Lorraine

Powertalk Gets ‘Transparent’ With CNN’s Don Lemon

On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, CNN powerhouse, and now controversial superstar, Don Lemon, stopped by to chat with the WAOK audience about becoming publicly gay with his new book “Transparent” and how the […]