On The Court With Coach BudRick and John have their weekly check in with Hawks Coach Mike Budenholzer...
John Smoltz on MLB Playoffs with Dukes and BellJohn Smoltz joins Carl and Mike to talk about the ALCS, the NLCS, and some of the top individually performers so far in the MLB playoffs.
Rick and Johns Hump Day 5 at 10Rick and John kick off a Wednesday with John dealing with a crappy situation at home. From there, to the world of sports, Dan Quinn has turned the page on the loss to Seattle...
Mark Owens: This Week At The Ted
9 Reactions To Dodgers-Cardinals Home Plate Umpire Dale ScottAside from a seemingly generous strike zone, Scott also appeared to clap when Yasiel Puig was struck out during the third inning.
12 Types Of People You See At A Baseball GameHave you ever really looked around at the types of people in the crowd during a baseball game? Well, maybe now you will.
TTYM: Watch Jim Harbaugh Do Push-Ups With A Walrus And A Kid Throw A Fit Over A BallIn this week's That Thing You Missed, watch Jim Harbaugh do push ups with a walrus, an Aussie kid throw a hissy fit over a foul ball, Phil Martelli's grandson "do" Phil Martelli and why an Italian baseball team is, er, red in the face.
Kershaw Pitches Dodgers Past Braves 6-1 In Game 1
Gattis Homers As Braves Beat Phillies 12-5
Mike Minor And Braves Fall To The Marlins Wednesday Night
Mitch Evans: Yay for Freddie, Boo for Baseball
Mac And Jason 06-07-13 Hour 2

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