Study: Snakes Still Have Genes For LegsResearchers found the genetic marker for leg development still lives in the DNA of modern snakes.
Study: Humans Genetically More Like Their FathersDespite physical or personality similarities to an individual's mother, offspring are actually more genetically similar to their father, a new study from UNC School of Medicine reveals.
Man Wrongly Convicted 4 Decades Ago Freed From PrisonFor the third time in less than six months, a North Carolina inmate was exonerated by DNA evidence and freed after spending decades in prison for a wrongful murder conviction.
Study: Humans Just Use 8.2 Percent Of Their DNAA new study has found that humans use only 8.2 percent of their DNA.
Experts Decode Germs' DNA To Fight Food Poisoning The nation's disease detectives are beginning a program to try to outsmart outbreaks by routinely decoding the DNA of potentially deadly bacteria and viruses.
Study: Dinosaur-Aged DNA Can Treat GoutScientists have discovered a new use for ancient dinosaur DNA – a treatment for gout.
"Hungry Gene" Discovery May Help Fight Obesity The discovery of a genetic mutation that slows metabolism may help in the fight against obesity, say researchers.
Don't Shoot Leroy!
Attorney: Scant Evidence In Miss. Ricin Case Federal authorities have produced scant evidence linking a Mississippi man to the mailing of ricin-laced letters to the president and a senator, his attorney says.
CDC: 'This Is A Very Unusual' Meningitis InfectionScattered across the carefully landscaped main campus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are the staff on the front lines fighting a rare outbreak of fungal meningitis: A scientist in a white lab coat peers through a microscope at fungi on a glass slide. In another room, another researcher uses what looks like a long, pointed eye dropper to suck up DNA samples that will be tested for the suspect fungus.
Murder Trial of Flight Attendant Reopens After 17 Years
President Obama To The American People:"Osama Bin Laden Is Dead"

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