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DeKalb County School Board Faces Key Hearing

ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) – DeKalb County school board members are preparing for a key hearing that could determine whether Georgia’s governor makes sweeping changes in the school system’s leadership. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools […]


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DeKalb School Board Votes On Chief’s Departure

ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) – The Dekalb County school board has agreed to accept the resignation of its superintendent. DeKalb County school board members met today to discuss the particulars of  Dr. Cheryl Atkinson’s resignation. Spokeswoman Lillian […]


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DeKalb County Schools On Probation Through 2013

ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) – An accreditation agency has placed the DeKalb County School District on probation, citing long-term leadership issues after a six-month investigation. Officials say the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools found evidence of […]


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Audit Raises Questions About School System Cuts

ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) – An audit report found that despite DeKalb County School Board’s decision to cut 150 positions from its central office, only 109 might have been eliminated — and district officials can’t find the detailed […]


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Kids Skip School, Parents Face Court

ATLANTA (AJC/WAOK) – DeKalb and Cobb police are sending the message that if your child misses too much school, you can get arrested. That’s what happened Thursday to two DeKalb County mothers; Cheryl McCoy and […]


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DeKalb Schools Leader Seeking To Fill Posts

ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) – The head of the DeKalb County schools is seeking to fill executive-level jobs in the financially struggling district. Schools Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson plans to ask the school board to fill several of those […]


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DeKalb County Trying To Close $73 Million Hole In The Budget

DeKalb County, Ga (WAOK/AJC)- DeKalb County school board members are looking at several ways to make up for a $73 million budget shortfall. Board members Tuesday night talked about everything from teacher furloughs days, to […]


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DeKalb County School Board Hosts Public Hearing On Budget

DEKALB COUNTY – ( WAOK/AJC) – DeKalb county’s school board members will host the first in a series of public hearings Tuesday,  on a proposed budget,   that includes cutbacks,  to meet a nearly 73-million […]



Hazing…Bigger Issue Than We Thought

On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, we addressed hazing and the FAMU scandal. Our special guests were Kesha, a former HBCU band member, and Walter Woods, spokesman for Dekalb Couty Public Schools.  Take a listen to these riveting conversations, […]


Dekalb Schools Still Searching for Superintendent

Atlanta (WAOK)  After negotiating with the lead candidate for DeKalb County School Superintendent, Lillie Cox decided not to seek the position on Saturday. Attorneys for Cox told Dekalb School officials that she had decided to withdraw […]