Daveda Mathis

Sisters In Law

What Would You Do?

Scenario: You’re riding in the car with your pregnant wife when a cop pulls you over for “speeding”. You patiently get out of the car and adhere to the officer’s commands, but then the unimaginable […]


Janice & Daveda Mathis

APS Investigation Debate Continues…

On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, the SISTERS IN LAW, Janice & Daveda Mathis, were in the building to breakdown the accusations and issues within the APS investigation. Listen to their commentary with a […]


Janis & Daveda Mathis

Legal, Or Not Legal? That Is The Question!

On today’s POWERTALK w/ Lorraine Jacques White, Janice Mathis, of the SISTERS IN LAW, called in to chat with our audience about a variety of legal issues. Our list of discussions included the case of […]



Mad About Immigration… Porque?!

World renowned musician and Latino legend, Carlos Santana, came to Atlanta this weekend for the Civil Rights game held at Turner Field… but his presence brought a little more noise than musical notes! “You should […]


Stop The Violence

Who’s Got The Power? Crime… Or Community?

A breaking news story in Atlanta said that a local Bishop was put in jail for shooting a 13 year old teen that had been tormenting him for a while. The debate with the listeners […]