Slice of Life: Worst. Date. Ever.Rick and John act they can play the game, but that included some really bad dates in today's Slice of Life. Yesterday our underboss Sean was victim of a live Dating Game. He found the one...
Slice of Life: Valentines Day Left BehindRick and John don't want you to feel alone with today's Slice of Life. Tuesday was Valentines Day and while most of us were out celebrating togetherness and being in love...
What “Insecure” Tells About Dating In 2016 According To Robert Patillo
Rick and Johns Slice of Life: Dating Your Boy's Ex? No No No!Rick and John get into their feelings with todays Slice of Life: Should you ever date your buddies ex girlfriend? Rick almost lost a BFF over Fantasy Football and how egos got involved. This someway, somehow turned into a topic of if/when its ok to ever date a friends ex...
Too Much Truth: Is Age Just A Number?How old is too old when it comes to who you will date?
Love and Relationships with Joyce Littel: Relationship topics people don't discuss until it's too late?
Love & Relationships with Joyce Littel: Blended families how do they work?
A Guide To Dating Around The HolidaysDuring the holidays, take things easy, communicate with one another and enjoy the festivity that's all around you.
5 Extreme Summertime DatesYou'll feel the rush on one of these adventure-packed extreme dates.
Study: Men More Sexually Attracted To Women Who Are NiceA study found that men tend to be more sexually attracted to women who are responsive and show interest in them during a date.
Ultimate Date Night: The Starlight Drive-In TheatreIf you're sick of the bar scene and you want a more old-fashioned date night experience, consider going to the drive-in theater.
Study: Women Prefer Men With Wide Faces For FlingsWomen find wider faces to be more attractive and dominant, say researchers.

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