Cracker Barrel

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Cracker Barrel Victim Sentenced in Attack on Another Woman

ATLANTA (WAOK)- The Jonesboro woman who was the victim of an attack by a white man at a Morrow Cracker Barrel restaurant in 2009 was back in court Friday, this time being sentenced herself for attacking […]


Troy Dale West is a Free Man

After serving less than 2 months of a 6 month sentence for assaulting Reservist Tasha Hill, Troy West walked out of prison a free man.


Cracker Barrel Secret Recording: Was Tasha Hill's case DOOMED from the Start?

Well we brought it to you on Tuesday. The scandalous audio from a meeting with Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson and Kipp Jones, former attorney to Tasha Hill. Click MORE to hear the […]


It's getting Smokey at the Cracker Barrel

How do you feel about Smokey Robinson’s music being offered at Cracker Barrel? You know, the same Cracker Barrel that has been accused of being racially discriminatory?


Six Months in Jail

Troy West plea bargains the charge of assaulting an African American Army Reservist down to three misdemeanors for a lighter sentence.


It's a Too Much Truth Recap: Cracker Barrel Case

We’re in day 3 of the Cracker Barrel Case with Tasha Hill vs. Troy Dale West. Click MORE to hear the latest…


Too Much Truth Recap: Opening Arguments Start Tomorrow!!!

In the case of Tasha Smith Vs. Troy Dale West, the opening arguments WILL begin tomorrow. Click MORE to hear the latest…