Cobb County

Woman Says She Was Arrested After Complaining About School EventA Cobb County mother says she was wrongly arrested after complaining that a school event was disorganized.
Nicholas Thomas Cop Killing To Be Looked At For Federal Civil Rights Violations
Thomas Family Hires Private Investigator To Get "The Real Truth" In The Cop Killing of Nicholas
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Protestors Call For Justice In The Police Killing Of Nicholas Thomas
"A Spit In The Face": Family Of Nicholas Thomas Reacts As Smyrna Police Officer Returns To Duty
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Severe Weather Hits The Metro Area: It Was A Supercell Thunderstorm
Nicholas Thomas Buried What's Next: Today We Mourn Tomorrow We Fight
Spring To Action For Positive Change: Congressman Hank Johnson Speaks At Funeral For Nicholas Thomas
Young Black Men Being Shot Has Got To Stop: Funeral Held For Nicholas Thomas