Chuckery: Don’t Fret Georgia Fans… Its Coughlin’s LawCoughlin’s Law… Nothing ends well or it wouldn’t end… Prophetic words from the 80’s movie Cocktail… And so ends the Mark Richt era as the Head Coach of Georgia Football. In many ways, this was coming… Maybe not as soon as expected… Maybe not as dignified coming off a win against their instate rival… But Georgia fans I’m here to tell you the time for this had come.
Mark Owens: Top 5 Facts And Rumors | Thanks For Ruining My Sunday Mark Richt!If we haven't met, let me introduce myself. I'm Mark Owens, a UGA Homer. I also host a College Show with former UGA QB David Greene. Our motto is "we critique, but never turn our back on the Dawgs." With that, today is weird...
Hawks Coach Budenholzer Will Not Coach Friday Night's Game Against The CelticsAtlanta Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer has returned to Atlanta and will not coach the team in tonight's game against the Boston Celtics. All we know at this time is that it due to a family emergency...
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