Car Theft

Courtesy: Mike Moore

Owner Spots His Stolen Truck In Rearview Mirror; Arrest Made

A man driving to work in Alabama suddenly noticed his stolen pickup truck following him, setting off a chain of events that included a pursuit, a crash and an arrest.


Two Men Arrested In Craigslist Theft Scam

ATLANTA – (WAOK) Clayton county authorities say two Decatur area men are behind bars, and facing multiple charges in connection with an alleged car theft scam. Investigators say Dalvin Walker, Jr., and Rashon Brown, both […]


Photo by Jean Ross CBS Radio

Another Dumb Robber Story

Henry County (WAOK)-Crime happens everyday in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area. Most of the time we choose not to repeat the reports. But every now and then the criminal is so dumb that we have […]


Thieves Break Into Over 36 Dekalb County Police Cruisers

ATLANTA (WAOK)- Police in Dekalb are trying to figure out how thieves broke into 36 police cruisers. The cars were parked in the Dekalb maintenance yard. When a worker arrived last Friday, he found that the […]