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“The Ohio Miracle” And The People Behind It

This is the time of year when we all start noticing things that make us feel good. Things that make us smile and think to ourselves there is yet hope for mankind. In this case, […]

92.9 The Game–12/17/2014

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Possibility Of Erasing Bad Memories Moves Closer Toward Reality

Imagine having all your bad memories erased from your mind.


Researchers found women are better able to maintain their emotional intelligence during moments of high stress.  (Colin Hawkins/Getty Images)

Study: Men’s IQs Drop Under Stress While Women’s Rise

A woman’s emotional intelligence is heightened during moments of stress while.


Materials found in high levels in cooked meats may prohibit the body's creation of proteins that protect against Alzhiemer's and diabetes. (Getty Images)

Study: Eating Grilled And Broiled Meat Linked To Alzheimer’s

Agents found in cooked and heated meats can reduce certain proteins that protect against Alzheimer’s and diabetes.


Unlike earlier shock treatment therapies, this treatment is aimed at helping those with learning disabilities. (Getty Images)

Electric Shocks Make Some Better At Math

Low electrical currents could help treat kids with learning disabilities, says researcher.


Study finds heavy consumption of alcohol can cause a more rapid mental decline in middle-aged men. (Getty Images)

Drinking Linked To Faster Mental Decline In Men

Risk is greater for middle-age men who drink heavily.


Researchers monitored the brain activity of patients in a persistent vegetative state. (Getty Images)

Study: Vegetative Patients Recognize Loved Ones

Brains of patients in a vegetative state emotionally react to photographs of people they know personally as though they recognize them.