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The Sidney Wood Show: Updates From The Gold Dome

The much anticipated season finale of “Scandal” will hit the airwaves tomorrow night.  Today, we had a lively discussion about the show, the images of women in power and the men they date. We asked, […]



The Mo Ivory Show…Would Hillary Clinton Be Better For Blacks Than President Obama?

Mo is still going strong, Hillary Clinton for President 2016! And Mo’s not alone on this movement, a Superpac has already submitted their application for Clinton’s 2016 campaign. On the heals of a candid 60 […]



Power Talk With Dr. Darron Smith: Can And Will President Obama Lead Blacks To Promise Land?”

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White we talked with Dr. Darron Smith. He wrote the article “The Messianic Return of President Obama – Can and Will He Lead Blacks to Promise Land?”  Dr. Smith holds the doctoral […]



Power Talk:Congress Woman Maxine Waters Says “Get Over It, And Move On”!

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White we talked to Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  She called in t o share her outlook on the current state of politics in America.  The congresswoman touched on issues regard the […]



Power Talk: “Slavery Was A Blessing To African Americans”

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White  we had a very exciting show!!  We talked about Arkansas legislator John Hubbard, and his remarks about slavery being a blessing to black people. There is an old saying […]


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Obama’s New Radio Ad Upsets African American Community

Some voters from the African American community found a new radio advertisement released by President Obama’s campaign offensive. The targeted “We Got Your Back” ad is set to a retro urban beat. Irvin Mcclain, wrote on Redding News Review’s Facebook: […]



Too Much Truth Recap: Black Excellence

Today, we wanted to reaffirm Black Excellence. What great things are going on in your household? What examples do you have of Black excellence in your everyday life? Click the audio links to hear all […]



Too Much Truth Recap: Finding Our Missing

Just in case you missed show, we discussed the alarming rate of missing people in the black community that go unreported or taken seriously by the police. Click the audio link to hear the discussion… […]



Herman Cain Supports Rick Santorum’s Racial Comments

Herman Cain made an appearance on The View on Monday, and stated that Rick Santorum may have put his foot in his mouth when he said; “I do not want to make black people’s lives […]



Too Much Truth Recap: Third Grade Math Assignment Uses Slavery Analogy

Nine third-grade math teachers in Gwinnett County, have caused an uproar by giving their students assignments using examples involving slavery and the beating of Fredrick Douglass as analogies for solving math problems, according to multiple […]