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Too Much Truth: The Story of Paul Robeson

Today on Too Much truth, Yalanda Lattimore and Antavius Weems co-hosted the show. Our guest today was Stogie Kenyatta, he is a world-renowned actor and comedian. His One Man Paul Robeson Show is in town […]



Is Black History Month Still Necessary?

Is Black History Month still neccessary? Rashad Richey posed the question as we embark on the annual celebration. However, does America learn anything from Black History Month? Do children learn anything from it? While figures […]


Kinsey Family

The Kinsey Collection and Wells Fargo Get Real With Richey

Today on Real Talk with Rashad Richey our special guests were Bernard Kinsey, Khalil Kinsey, founders of the Kinsey Collection and Candi Moore of Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo and The Kinsey Collection have partnered to […]


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Keeping It Real w/ Rev. Al Sharpton: LIVE from WAOK

On today’s show Al Sharpton came to Atlanta and joined us in the WAOK studio. His question of the day: “What moment would you attend if you could go back to any point in black […]


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GOP Buys First Ad To Honor Black History Month

(Washington, DC) —  It’s Black History Month and for the first time ever the Republican National Committee is launching a paid ad campaign to honor the occasion.  The RNC will run 30-second radio spots and produce […]


Keepin’ It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton: “The Unsung Heroes of Black History”

On today’s show Al Sharpton wanted to pay homage to important figures in black history that we may overlook. He asked listeners to call in and discuss who they felt were influential figures, that may […]