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Bev Smith: You Are What You Eat

In recent news, Planned Parenthood was under the radar for selling aborted body parts to large companies. The question that is on everyone’s mind is why would someone want want to purchase aborted babies? Some […]


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The Bev Smith Show

Today on the Bev Smith show , Bev opens the phone lines up to talk about Bobby Kristina and Sandra Bland. Her gust is Dr.Seral Wick renound forensic scientist and coroner. he discusses some facts that makes the Sandra Bland […]


Light shining on man in prison cell

Bev Smith Show 6/16

Today on the Bev Smith show, Bev talked with author Joyce King author of the book “Exonerated: A Brief and Dangerous Freedom” They spoke on what happens in a prison for a African-American man and on […]


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Today On The Bev Smith Show 5/19

Today Bev Smith , we remember the life of Malcolm X She also  talks with Dr Harlend Olmen and asks the question , are we at war? whats the state of affairs in America? And on how Baltimore has […]


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The Bev Smith Show 5/5/15

Tonight on the Bev Smith show, Bev opens the phone to talk about the mother that slapped her in the head when she saw him at the riots. Her guest Therapist Eyvett Orijo talks about raising “Our” children […]


Celebrations in Baltimore

Bev Smith Show: The Truth About Baltimore

Tonight on the Bev Smith Show, Bev gets the real scoop of what is really going on in the city of Baltimore. She talk to Baltimore Attorney A. Dwight Pettit. He is well-known for handling […]


The small helicopter was painted with a U.S. Postal Service logo. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

The Bev Smith Show 4/16/15

Today on the Bev Smith Show….. Bev talks to the Director of National Security Project Mel Goodman. They talked about the 61-year-old post office worker that landed a gyrocopter on the White House lawn, How did […]


Native Roots dispensary and Illuzions Glass Gallery. (Photo By Craig F. Walker / The Denver Post)

The Bev Smith Show: Colorado Weed

Today on The Bev Smith Show, Bev talks about the regulation of Sales of Marijuana in Colorado Todays guest is Mathew Fogg, who is a retired US Federal Marshal and from the Department of Agriculture […]


The Bev Smith Show 3/24

Today on “The Bev Smith Show” Bev talks to Brother Ali who gives an update on what you are not seeing in Ferguson…. She also talks to David Witt & David Royal of the Center for  Hope and […]


Hyundai Presents "#51MilesForward", A Reception Honoring The 50th Anniversary Of The "Selma To Montgomery" March

Bev Smith Show: Is Black America In Crisis?

Tonight’s special guest on the Bev Smith Show is Marc H. Morial. He is the President and CEO of the National Urban League, and former Mayor of New Orleans. He came on the show tonight […]