Aubrey Lee Price

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Investment Adviser Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

Nearly two years after a banker who vanished was wrongly declared dead, he was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison as he faced angry investors who lost millions of dollars entrusted to the former preacher who turned his persuasive powers into a career as an investment adviser.


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Once Deemed Dead, Fugitive Banker Pleads Guilty

Eighteen months ago, former investment adviser Aubrey Lee Price was declared dead. On Thursday, Price — very much alive — stood before a judge and pleaded guilty in a fraud scheme that fueled a rural bank’s collapse and cost his investors tens of millions of dollars.


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Plea Deal Awaits Ga. Banker Who Lost Clients’ $21M

A former southeast Georgia banker accused of embezzling and losing $21 million of investors’ money, then vanishing for 18 months before he was arrested in a traffic stop, has agreed to settle his case with a plea deal, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.


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Ga. Banker Pleads Not Guilty To Fraud Charges

A former Georgia banker accused of stealing millions from investors before vanishing for 18 months pleaded not guilty Wednesday to federal bank fraud charges and agreed to remain jailed without bond pending trial.


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Bank Director Who Was Declared Dead Arrested During Traffic Stop

A south Georgia bank director accused of losing millions of investor dollars before vanishing is set to appear in court.


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Missing Ga. Bank Director Arrested In Brunswick

A bank director accused of losing millions of investors’ dollars before vanishing last year was arrested Tuesday during a traffic stop in a city in south Georgia.


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Closed Georgia Bank Has Missing Board Member

A South Georgia bank closed by federal regulators has a missing board member who’s accused of millions in fraud.