Study warns antibiotic soaps and hand sanitizers. along with an over-prescription of antibiotic medicines,  encourage the growth of drug-resistant strains. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Report: Superbugs Could Kill 10 Million People A Year

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria could surpass cancer as a leading cause of death by the year 2050.


CDC study finds doctors not always prescribing the best treatments to fight the flu virus. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

CDC: Antibiotics May Have Been Wrongly Prescribed For Influenza

New study finds doctors may be giving inappropriate treatments to patients with flu virus.


"Baboon Syndrome" is a severe allergic reaction to penicillin and other antibiotics. (Getty Images)

‘Baboon Syndrome:’ An Unusual Complication Of Antibiotics

The syndrome is so named because of distinctive rashes that can develop.


File photo of a doctor's office. (credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

CDC: More Than 23,000 Die Annually From Drug-Resistant Bacteria

For the first time, the government is estimating how many people die from drug-resistant bacteria each year — more than 23,000, or about as many as those killed annually by flu.


File photo of pill capsules. (Photo by JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Medication Nation: Study Shows Antibiotic Overuse

U.S. doctors are prescribing enough antibiotics to give them to 4 out of 5 Americans every year, an alarming pace that suggests they are being overused, a new government study finds.


File photo of a patient giving symptoms to a doctor.  (Credit: Thinkstock)

Study: The Common Cough Lasts Approximately 18 Days

A new study finds that the average cough lasts around 18 days.


File photo of a researcher handling pipettes in a laboratory. (Photo by PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

CDC: Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea Could Cause ‘Public Health Nightmare’

The presence of a strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to antibiotic treatment in North America could ultimately cause what experts are calling a “public health nightmare.”