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Study: Eating Too Much Salty Foods Speeds Cellular Aging In Obese Teens

A new study has found that cellular aging is sped up in obese and overweight teenagers who eat too much salty foods.


Canadian researchers found that parents with the strictest parenting style were more likely to raise obese children. (Getty Images)

Study: Stricter Parents More Likely To Raise Obese Children

Kids whose parents lay down a lot of rules without communicating with their children are at the greatest risk of obesity.


File photo of a doctor's office. (credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Study: Saturated Fats May Not Be So Bad For The Heart

A new study has found that saturated fats may not be so bad for the heart after all.



Warning Signs Of A Stroke

As we continue to give you healthy tips on behalf of the American Heart Association, Larry Tinsley has a few tips on how you can detect if you or a loved one is having a stroke.The […]