Poll: Is Black History Month Still ImportantYou can vote now!. Is Black History Month a waste of time or do we still need to concentrate on our history one month out of the year?
NAACP Official Says African Americans Seem To Be More Confused About Confederacy Than Anyone Else
Carl Dukes: "Cookie Got Me Crazy."
Republican Party Struggling To Recruit Black Voters, CandidatesLike an eager date, Leo Smith showed up at Mount Zion First Baptist Church with a bouquet of flowers in hand.
Too Much Truth - What Is The Biggest Lie Told?
The Sidney Wood Show(Aired 12/21/13): Egyptian Origins in Washington D.C.
The Sidney Wood Show: The GOP and Black Americans
The Sidney Wood Show: Have You Ever Thought About Suicide?
Black Incarceration And Police Brutality
Biden: Selma Beatings Shaped Him, NationVice President Joe Biden said nothing shaped his consciousness more than seeing TV footage of voting rights marchers being beaten by state troopers on Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965.
Fiscal Cliff for African Americans
Power Talk: The Black Agenda...

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