Lericia Harris Reports: The Knows Regarding African American Heart HealthDr. Elizabeth Ofili talks African-American heart health with Lericia Harris
Too Much Truth: The Rachel Dolezal Saga Continues
APS: 17 Seniors Named 2015 Gates Millennium Scholars
Parents Accuse Biology Assignment Made 'African-American Children Look Ugly'A high school biology assignment is causing controversy after parents say dark features were portrayed in a negative way.
Where Are The Minority Auto Dealers In Georgia?
Keepin' It Real w/ Al Sharpton: Famous Hip-Hop Mogul Prefers being called the "N-Word" over "African American"
Keepin' It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton: Sarah Palin's Slavery Remarks
Home Depot Tweets Alleged Racist Photo Home Depot is in hot water over an alleged racist photo the Atlanta based company tweeted Thursday.
Gun Laws And Black Conservatives
RNC Chairman On 'Listening Tour' To Attract Non-White Voters To Republican PartyFresh off his re-election as Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus has hit the road to deliver a message that the GOP must find a way to attract more support from non-white voters.
Blacks Becoming More Visible In Obama Administration
Opinion: Black-on-Black Racism During The Presidential CampaignWhile it is reported that 94% or more of African-Americans support President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in the upcoming national presidential election, the rarely-spoken question is: Are many African-Americans only voting for Obama because he’s black?

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