The Sidney Wood Show: The Supreme Court Rulings

The Supreme Court is set to hand down several high-stakes rulings in coming days. The high court is first expected to rule in Fisher v. University of Texas, the case challenging the college’s use of […]


Waok Sidney  Wood Show 2 019

The Sidney Wood Show: Back To Africa Show 6/8/2013

The back to Africa show showcases all aspects of the motherland. To help us learn more about Africa was Brother Kebba Samateh as well as Dance Africa Atlanta. Click the audio links to hear the conversation… […]



The Sidney Wood Show: Dance Africa Atlanta And DNA Sample During Arrest

The 20th Anniversary celebration of Giwayen Mata, an award-winning, soul-stirring, all-sistah, dance, percussion, and vocal ensemble, will take place in Atlanta from June 13 through June 16  showcasing an array of experiences that embrace songs, rhythms, instruments, and dances. […]


black face

Blacks Fate, Black Face!

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques- White we talked about whatever it is you wanted to talk about because today was Talkback Friday! We brought up the Dekalb County Board removal drama and the story about […]


What’s Really Going On In Africa?

Who or what is the source of the problem?  Is it leaders like Gaddafi? Mugabe? It’s easy to point fingers about and accuse other people for the state of affairs, but remember that when you […]




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