Abraham Lincoln

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Travel Guide To Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Practical travel guide to one of the jewels of the National Parks System, Mount Rushmore National Memorial


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Your City Guide to Washington D.C.

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A statue of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, inside the Lincoln Memorial at Washington DC. (Photo by Terry Chambers/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

University Of Alabama Librarians Uncover 2 Letters From Abraham Lincoln

University of Alabama librarians have uncovered two letters written by President Abraham Lincoln.


Screen grab of Loy Mauch. (Credit: loymauch.com)

Ark. GOP: No More Money For Hopefuls Under Fire

Arkansas Republicans said Monday they will no longer financially help three state House candidates whose racially charged writings have come under fire, including one lawmaker who called slavery a “blessing in disguise” and another who labeled Abraham Lincoln a “war criminal.”