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Oral Nicholas Hillary Acquitted In Postdam Boy’s Killing

After a long journey involving a court case that had no DNA evidence against Mr. Hillary he is finally acquitted and can return home to his five children.

WAOK-AM–12 hours ago

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Al Sharpton Provides Actual Facts About Each Candidate

Al Sharpton says do not just blindly go join a party or a candidate, but urges all of the American people to please do their research and make an informed decision.


Al Sharpton And Trayvon Martin's Parents Hold News Conference In Washington

Al Sharpton: “Stop And Frisk Never Worked”

Al Sharpton discusses the outbreak of violence in North Carolina, Don King’s speech at a Donald Trump rally, and the proposal to reinstate the stop and frisk practices.


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Al Sharpton: What Happens If Hillary Can Not Run?

Al Sharpton will be in town for the upcoming triumph awards and we are still discussing politics and if Hillary’s health is a scandal.


Al Sharpton And Trayvon Martin's Parents Hold News Conference In Washington

Al Sharpton And The National Action Network To Visit Atlanta

Rev Al Sharpton never misses an opportunity to work and Labor day is no different as it is hot button Mondays , reviewing all the events of the weekend.


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Al Sharpton: Colin Kaepernick And The National Anthem

A lot of people do not know the history of the national anthem, even less people know about the third verse which refers to slavery.


Al Sharpton Holds Press Conference Ahead Of Commemorative MLK March In DC

Al Sharpton To Give Eulogy For George Curry

There are two places of importance to be this Saturday, The March On Washington Anniversary or the Celebration of Life for George Curry in Alabama. Rev Sharpton talks about both events.



AL Sharpton On Donald Trump, Forget About What He Is Going To Do, What Has He Ever Done?

How Can We Even Begin To Focus On How Donald Trump Is Going To Make America Great Again, When He Has Never Made Anything Great Before?


Donald Trump

Racism Is Not The Biggest Issue In Regards To Donald Trump

Whether Trump Is Racist Or Not Is A Concern But Not The Biggest Issue With The Republican Nominee. What Plans Does Donald Trump Really Have In Store To “Make America Great Again”?


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Al Sharpton: Now Trump Wants Our Vote?

Donald Trump Stated “What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?” And This Triggered A Passionate Response From Al Sharpton And The Listeners Chime In


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