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Inside Chicago Streets With Rashad Richey

It became a dicey situation when Rashad Richey visited Chicago in an attempt to bring some peace to a volatile environment.


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Is Prison The New Slavery?

Do you think that slavery is illegal in this country? Read Rashad Richey’s latest commentary.


Dr. Julianne Malveaux Defends Student Protest At Bethune-Cookman Graduation

Dr. Julianna Malveaux and Rashad Richey attempt to unpack why the college made the decision to have Education Secretary Betsy DeVos deliver a commencement address.


Mayor Ted Terry Talks About ICE With Rashad Richey

Mayor Ted Terry stops by to discuss immigrant policies and practices in the city of Clarkston with Rashad Richey on Real Talk.


Real Talk with Rashad Richey: The Blame Game

What are your thoughts on President Donald Trump blaming former President Barack Obama for many of his administration’s issues?


Real Talk with Rashad Richey: Should President Trump Stop Defending his Friends Accused of Sexual Harassment?

Join our poll. Is it appropriate for President Donald Trump to be vocal in his support of Bill O’Reilly after he’s been accused of sexual harrassment?


Rashad Talks Education with the President of the UNCF

Dr. Michael Lomax discusses education with Rashad Richey.


Ceasar Mitchell Discusses the I-85 Bridge Collapse with Rashad Richey

President of the Atlanta City Council & Mayoral Candidate Ceasar Mitchell details the I-85 bridge collapse with Rashad Richey.


Real Talk with Rashad Richey: Do You Agree with Trump Cutting the Budget for Social Programs?

Do you agree with President Donald Trump’s cutting of social programs like Meals on Wheels for the country’s new budget.


Local Physics Professor Discusses Possible Cause of I-85 Collapse

Clark-Atlanta University Physics Professor discusses the possible causes for the I-85 bridge fire & collapse with Rashad Richey.


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