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Financial Solutions with Rob Wilson

Saturdays 10am – 12pm

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Rob Wilson and the Wealth Engineer

Today on Financial Solutions with Rob Wilson, our special guest was William Parker. William Parker is a wealth engineer who designs structured retirement and investment programs. Those programs guide clients through four stages: Earning Money, [...]


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Small Business Guru on Financial Solutions with Rob Wilson

Today on Financial Solutions with Rob Wilson, our special guest was Marc Parham of the Capbuilders Network. The Capbuilders Network helps small businesses start, and assist with their growth. Marc Parham was on the panel [...]


Janice Johnson

The Rob Wilson Show: Wealth Wisdom

Today we had Janice Johnson on our special Sunday edition of ‘Wealth Wisdom’. Ms. Johnson is a minister, author, and ministry marketing mentor. Rob and Ms. Johnson spoke about principles in the bible that prove [...]


Rob Wilson

The Rob Wilson Show: Wealth Wisdom Biblical Teaching

This Sunday we had Dr. Charles Houston and his wife Monica Houston in the studio discussing biblical principles of money based on the 3 scriptures listed below: 1. Providing For Your Family- “But if anyone [...]



Have you ever recieved advice from friends and family on financial decisions you had to make? Have you felt so confident about what you are doing with your money that you see mistakes as just [...]


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Are You Planning For Retirement?

Consider your own financial future, could you afford to have and maintain your lifestyle the way that you desire? Most people don’t plan to work when they’re retired, therefore the money to pay for your [...]


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There are Three Types of Savings that every household should have.

I am not talking about what has become commercially accepted as investments. Society has created this false since of financial security that most people see their cars and even their flat screen TVs as investments. [...]


ON MY OWN – What Every Young Adult Wants

You want to be on your own now? What kind of lifestyle do you want? Starting out on your own should not be a task for you. As you make your decision to take on [...]


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Manipulating Women

Realizing that the majority of household finances are handled by women, I thought long and hard before writing a blog about Women Manipulating Money. I was very concerned that I might not articulate the point [...]


Should Your Significant Other See Your Credit Report Before Marriage?

A young man in Miami recently had a Random thought and asked these questions on Facebook. “How upset would you be, if your significant other wanted to see your credit report before marriage? With finances [...]