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Too Much Truth: Congratulations Graduates!

On Too Much Truth, we took a break from all of the politics and protests and celebrated our youth. Callers gave their children or family members that are graduating from high school or college this […]


Too Much Truth: The Big Fight, Over-hyped?

On Too Much Truth, we discussed what was anticipated to be the biggest fight of the year, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, that took place over the weekend. Some say it didn’t live up to all the […]


Too Much Truth: Freddie Gray, What Do You Believe?

On Too Much Truth, we discussed the new developments in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland. Authorities are saying that he did not sustain his injuries when he was subdued to […]


Too Much Truth: Be Careful What You Post

On Too Much Truth, we discussed an woman being arrested at her home in East Point over what she posted on Monday and later deleted from her Facebook page. Ebony Dicken’s took to Facebook her […]


Too Much Truth: Baltimore, Protest or Shut Up!

On Too Much Truth, we discussed the media coverage of the riots and looting or should I say the revolution in Baltimore, Maryland. Everyone is speaking out about what is going on in Baltimore but […]


Too Much Truth: Death of Freddie Gray Leads to Riots and Looting in Baltimore

On Too Much Truth, we discussed the tragic death of Freddie Gray that was due to a spinal cord injury, allegedly caused by the Baltimore Police Department. We also covered the riots and looting taking […]


Too Much Truth: Rehashing Let Us Make Man 2015

On Too Much Truth, we discussed the most successful Let Us Make Man to date that happened this past Saturday, April 25th, on the campus of Albany State University. Callers talked about their experience and […]


Too Much Truth: Family Wants Justice for Heartless and Senseless Murder

On Too Much Truth, Andrell Crowder Jordan, cousin to Dantavious Chatman joined us. Dantavious was the young man shot and killed at a bus stop on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway Tuesday night in front of […]


Too Much Truth: 4/21 National Random Drug Testing Day

On Too Much Truth, we talked about how the day after the infamous 4/20 could turn into termination day for some of you all. 4/20 is widely known as National Weed Day and many indulge […]


Too Much Truth: The Mother to the “Ghetto Burger” Leaves A Legacy Behind

On Too Much Truth, we dedicated this show to Ms. Ann Price. Ms. Ann was the owner of Ann’s Snack bar and she passed away on Saturday at the age of 72. Our callers reminisced […]