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Too Much Truth – Should Satanists Have A Say?

The hot topic of today comes from Oklahoma. Satanists have requested to build a statue at the Oklahoma state Capitol to provide a place for people to sit on the devil’s lap “for inspiration and contemplation.” This [...]


db and tax lady

Too Much Truth- Tax Secrets For 2014!

Here to give you some early financial tips to jump-start your new year resolutions is Jean Rahman. She is a former IRS Auditor, and wants to help get you prepared financial for 2014. She is [...]


DB and Iffi

Too Much Truth – The Truth Behind The Holiday Blues

Have you notice that when the holidays comes around, the news seem to report more stores of robberies, family murders and suicide. Why is it that people become more depressed around the “most wonderful time [...]


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[VIDEO] Too Much Truth – Did The School Go Too Far?

Have you heard the story about the 17-year-old senior who got suspended for hugging? At Duluth High School, student Sam McNair was suspended last week for hugging his teacher. She reported him to the school [...]


db and top dog

Too Much Truth – Holiday Tips From The Top Dog

Today on Too Much Truth, Top Dog is back to give you some quick holiday tips concerning your pet. If you missed him on the show last time, Top Dog is a well-known dog trainer [...]


DB and Boys and girls club

Too Much Truth – Need A Program For Your Teen?

DB was joined by the kids of Boys and Girls Club. They want everyone to know that they have a program called Keystone, which is a leadership program for teens that gets them active in their [...]


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Too Much Truth – Does Stand Your Ground Matter

Today on Too Much Truth, DB speaks with Senator Vincent Fort about the damage the Stand Your Ground Law has caused to the black community. Is this law effective, or is it causing more harm [...]


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Too Much Truth – Last Chance For Real Men Read

We have reached the end of our series of ”Real Men Read.” Again, we are calling all men to come out and help Derrick Boazman make a positive impact on the lives of our children. Our [...]


fast food protest

Too Much Truth – Whose Side Are You On?

Today on Too Much Truth, DB had the pleasure of speaking to an intelligent young man who happens to work for a fast food institute for a living. Unfortunately for this young man, he is struggling to [...]


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Too Much Truth – Things To Know About Recycling

Do you want to get into recycling, but don’t know the first steps on how to get started? Well that is what Cartlanta is here for. Cartlanta is an organization that was started by The [...]