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Too Much Truth: Sweetie Pie’s Season Premiere

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick was joined by Tim Norman of Sweetie Pie’s. He stopped by to talked about the show and what viewers can expect to see this season. He also shared a […]


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Too Much Truth: Free Financial Advice

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick allowed his listeners to call in and share their best financial advice in order to earn some extra income. You’d be surprised by some of the things people do […]


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Too Much Truth: Boycott Black Friday and Christmas

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick talked about all blacks uniting in boycotting shopping for the holidays. If you must shop, shop black! Minister Farrakhan wants the African American community to take “Black” out of […]


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Too Much Truth: Syrian Refugees

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick discussed the Syrian refugees that will be coming to the states and the hostility that has already began to arise over their arrival. In the aftermath of the Paris […]



Too Much Truth: Support Freedom Schools

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick was joined by founder, leader and visionary of Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute, Aminata Umoja. Kilombo is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and they are having a fundraiser to […]


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Too Much Truth: President Obama Bans the Box

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick talked about President Obama “banning the box” for federal agencies during the application process and hiring decisions. This order prohibits them from asking prospective employees about their criminal history […]


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Too Much Truth: SC Incident, Everyone Has An Opinion

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick continued with the South Carolina incident that occurred between a police officer and a female student. Brenda Woods of 11 Alive gave her “last words” on what happened and […]



Too Much Truth: Police Brutality, Enough is Enough

Today on Too Much truth, Derrick discussed the video of South Carolina Deputy Officer Ben Fields using excessive force to restrain a female student. In the video that has gone viral, you can see Officer […]


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Too Much Truth: Sperm Bank Mix-Up

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick talked about artificial insemination. A couple went to a sperm bank and asked for their donor to be healthy, intelligent and mature. After the successful insemination and first trimester […]


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Too Much Truth: Vaccines Causing Autism?

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick was joined by Minister Tony Muhammad. Min. Muhammad discussed the upcoming CDC rally and why it’s taking place. Later, Robert Kennedy Jr. joined the conversation and gave a more […]


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