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Chinese Fortune Cookies (Credit, Randy Yagi)

Too Much Truth: Is This An Emergency?

On Too Much Truth, we discussed how and why an Ohio woman was arrested for calling the police because she was not satisfied with her Chinese food and the customer service. Tracy McCloud ordered food […]


Donald Trump (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Too Much Truth: Think Before You Speak

On Too Much Truth, we discussed Donald Trump’s racist remarks and how the Latin American community has responded. Donald Trump is known for speaking his mind regardless of what people might say or think about […]


sheriff, deputy shot

Too Much Truth: Chicago, A War Zone

On Too Much Truth, Derrick talked about the Fourth of July weekend and how there wasn’t really a reason to celebrate in Chicago. Over forty people were injured and eight were killed over the holiday […]


charleston church shooting

Too Much Truth: Flag Symbolism

On Too Much Truth, Yalanda Lattimore of Dryer Buzz sat in for Derrick Boazman. With this being the Fourth of July weekend and everyone is celebrating their independence, Yalanda asked her listening audience about flag […]


File photo of guns. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Too Much Truth: Gun-Toting Christians

On Too Much Truth, we discussed the black churches that have been burned in the south in these last few weeks. Do you think racial tensions are overflowing from the Charleston, SC church shooting? Derrick […]



Too Much Truth: Dr. Joseph Fowler Jr.

On Too Much Truth, we were joined by Dr. Joseph Fowler Jr. and he discussed chiropractic services and heat related complications. Dr. Fowler is a chiropractor at Sparlin Healthcare. Sparlin Healthcare is located at 923 Dill […]



Too Much Truth: Should Unsupervised Teens be Banned from Malls?

On Too Much Truth, we talked about the incident that happened at Stonecrest Mall were security guards chased and brutally beat a teenage boy. If you remember, Arbor Place Mall enacted a policy that states […]


Photo by Jean Ross WAOK-AM

Too Much Truth: Alley Pat, Gone but Not Forgotten

On Too Much Truth, we reminisced on the life and career of a radio legend, James “Alley Pat” Patrick. He passed away today at the age of 95. Radio greats Doug Steele and Hal Lamar […]


Photo by Jean Ross WAOK-AM

James “Alley Pat” Patrick Dies: Was Honored At “Truthy Awards” in 2012

ATLANTA (WAOK)-Nine radio legends were honored Saturday at the first annual “Truthy Awards” hosted by Derrick Boazman of “Too Much Truth” heard on WAOK (1380 AM) weekdays 4 to 7 pm. Boazman said he came […]



Too Much Truth: Friendship Towers Still Without Air

On Too Much Truth, we discussed the seniors living in Friendship Towers are still without air. It has been a month since Derrick got involved with this matter and nothing has been resolved as of […]