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The Gentrification Debate Today on Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman

Should students who attend class in the Atlanta University Center be concerned about the possible gentrification of the surrounding neighborhoods? Student activist Mary Pat Hector weighs in with Derrick Boazman.


Today on Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman

Today on Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman, we had a studio full of black and powerful brothers. During the five O clock hour he spoke with Morehouse College Dept. Chair of Music Dr. Uzee […]


Too Much Truth: Radio Legends

Derrick Boazman took a trip down memory lane by bringing back Atlanta’s biggest Radio Legends. In the studio, DB talked to Hal Lamar, Dough Steele, Burke Johnson and V-103’s Larry Tinsley.


What Makes This 10 Year Old The Youngest Motivational Speaker?

Motivational speakers can come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Today on Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman, listeners met the youngest motivational speaker in the country. Meet “King Nahh.”


Today On Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman: The Vine City Battle

A proposed Park in Vine City is to be named for former Atlanta Mayor Livingston Mims who many feel was an avowed racist and segregationist. Derrick Boazman tabled the discussion on Too Much Truth.


Too Much Truth: Jane Elliott Discusses The Origins of Racism With Derrick Boazman

Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick Boazman sat down and spoke with educator and anti-racism activist, Jane Elliott. They discussed how racism is still prevalent in our country and what it will take to overcome […]


Talking Fathers Day With Robert Patillo And Guests!!

Great Remedies for Fathers in Sticky Situations, and Great Ideas, and Venues to Ensure That You Make That Special Father Feel Loved.


Donald Trump (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Derrick Boazman Show: Robert Patillo Reflects On His Experience At Trump Rally

Coming in with with high expectations of Donald Trump, expecting this polarizing figure and energetic speech leads to walkouts.


Find Out About Young Players Brain Injuries In Football

If you have a young man who wants to play football in high school or college, you should know as much as possible about brain injuries. Derrick Boazman talked about an upcoming discussion in Atlanta today on Too Much Truth.


Too Much Truth: Civil Rights Activists Recount History

Derrick and guests discuss the view points on police brutality now versus during the civil rights movement. Derrick discovers a deeper understanding on how civil rights historians felt about the news of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr and how today’s black lives matter movement differs and has similarities.


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