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92-9 The Game Wade Ford Tailgate Brought To You By Sprint | Jan. 14, 2017
92-9 The Game Wade Ford Tailgate Brought To You By Sprint | Jan. 1, 2017
White House Holiday Party 2016
History Made! 1st Ever Live Broadcast From Mercedes-Benz Stadium | Dec 6th, 2016History has been made! 92-9 The Game had the first ever live broadcast from Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Dec 6th, 2016! Check out the pics here!
92-9 The Game Wade Ford Tailgate Brought To You By Sprint | Nov 27th, 2016The fans poured into the Wade Ford Tailgate, brought to you by Sprint, on a gorgeous Sunday as the Falcons got ready to put a beat down on the Arizona Cardinals! Check out the pics!
WSB-TV’s Jovita Moore And Justin Farmer In Studio – Nov 21st, 2016WSB-TV's Jovita Moore and Justin Farmer stopped by the studios to hang out with Randy McMichael and Mike Bell on Monday afternoon, Nov 21st, 2016! Check out the pics here!

One Comment

  1. Faridha says:

    Sorry but I disagree with the whole ecocnpt of women in combat, the same as in the cops. Ken, Grams & I saw you blow thru the obstacle course. The women were allowed to run around the cinderblock fence and avoid any other parts that were like the tire jumping part. Legs were too short. Also, they must be given Days off when they are PMSing or some other female peculiar ailment. I doubt the Iraqis are carrying around MIDAL just in case . They demand equality then yell for special treatament because I am a woman and can’t deal with it.Be really fair, democratic etc . let Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid lead the first charge and develop a draft for women . You would see how quickly the baby must have its mother’s milk pumping. Just out of bullet range and heaven help the Major who ordered the Mom to hang the baby in her backpack ready for next feeding.. If they want to fight, neuter them first.I have a REAL problem with minorities getting promoted ahead of better qualified and deserving to pay the quoto debt.Don’t get me started. We have lost a lot of excellent men in our peacekeeping effort for no real good reason. Should have sent some whiney women instread.

  2. Fayez says:

    Please don’t equate fmalee with feminization. Just because men are involved doesn’t mean Wikileaks is being handled as a man would. Our culture does it’s best from day one to suppress the inherent manly traits that have insured the survival of our species. We constantly spread the lie that violence is never acceptable. We foolishly believe that all people and cultures can get along if we only try to understand each other. Feminine vs. masculine isn’t what the debate should be. There are times when a gentle touch is needed and times when you need a heavy hand. The problem now is that we are out of balance with too much hand-wringing and hand-holding. We need more spanking and suck it up .

  3. Agnieszka says:

    Well, I think the boundary is that ianmals killed for consumption are usually killed quickly and humanely.As to why society would make animal abuse illegal, well, we recognize that they feel pain, and as humans inflicing unneccessary suffering on any creature is frowned upon generally. Or at least, it is more now than it used to be. I think its true, generally, that people who like inflicting pain on ianmals are desensitized as well to inflicting pain on humans. Most serial killers start out by abusing ianmals.As for the lobster vs cow, I see both methods as equally painless. We do tend to be more concerned about warm furry critters than cold-blooded ones.

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