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  1. Brightoblesson says:

    My 8 year-old has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. We have lots of challenges with him (very esetrinted to hear your advice for picky eaters!) but the biggest challenge is getting him to stay in his own bed. He has no problem falling asleep, but about an hour later he’s coming downstairs. We quietly go back up with him, tuck him in, and sit with him a couple of minutes until he falls asleep again. This can happen as many as 10 times in a night, but usually only 2-4 times. When he gets up after my husband and I are in bed, he tries to crawl in with us. I’m trying a new strategy points. He gets 10 points for staying in bed all night, 5 if he gets up once, and 0 if he gets up more. The points are added to the total points he gets at therapy, which are used to purchase a small toy of his choice. I asked if I could tack this behavior onto their points plan to see if it would help. So far, in one week, he has only had one partially successful night where he only got up once so my plan doesn’t seem to be working. He takes melatonin too, but I don’t think it helps, except when he doesn’t take it he gets up even more. The only one getting any real sleep in our house is his 7 year-old brother who shares a room with him he sleeps through everything!

  2. Malinda says:

    My child is a nernur and I don’t mean 5K nernur. When he gets his feelings hurt or gets frustrated he runs away from the situation. When he is at school he ends up leaving the school. One time he got halfway to our house before the staff was able to catch up to him and stop him. We have been dealing with it by using behaviour coupons. If he makes it through the day without running he gets a coupon for various rewards (e.g. night out with mom, 15 minutes on the trampoline with Dad, read one of my favourite books, etc.). They are helping but he still seems to be running every once in a while. We have explained different ways to deal with a situation after it occurs but when the time comes he just instinctively flees. Is there any suggestions that you could make to enhance the way that we currently deal with the situation?

  3. Mike says:

    Claire is doing great, but Rachel and Logan aren’t engaging, are dcseraittd and in their own world, etc. He asked for ideas for keeping them engaged, on task, focused, etc. We did try the texture strips (Rachel calls them fiddle sticks ) for times when they have to sit and do work that isn’t real active. But they haven’t been all that successful. I think part of the problem with Logan is that working in close proximity to his sisters drives him crazy these days (the camp director is going to try to get Logan working with the older boys in the group today). Anyway, I’d appreciate any thoughts and suggestions. M

  4. Angeles says:

    is right, more or less. To clarify: there are 30 Fields (General, Pop, Country, Americana, etc), and whiitn each Field are 2-5 Categories (Record, Song, Duo/Group, Solo, etc), resulting in 78 Categories total to be voted on. The thing is, only those registered as NARAS members whiitn each Category can vote there. For example, I am listed as a Songwriter, Composer and Vocalist, so those are the only 3 Categories, throughout every Field, that I can vote on. Either way, someone nominated us into the big Grammy hat, and once the ballot goes up, all members will vote in their Categories. If we receive enough votes, then we get onto the final ballot: the final round of voting for the five names in each Category, which results in what most folks think of as being nominated: you get to go to the awards ceremony and all that crazy stuff. So where we are now: just names in the first round hat. Still!! That’s exciting all on its own

  5. Donald says:

    Alrighty, boys and girls. Let me clarify this Grammy bsesnuis before things get carried away. NARAS rules stipulate that an individual is not nominated unless you make the final five. We are in the first round balloting which is open to anyone who makes the submission deadline and is a NARAS member, which is hundreds of thousands and voting has not begun yet.NARAS only considers you a nominee when you are in the top five. The five recordings that earn the most votes in each category become the nominees. There may be more than five nominees if there is a tie in the nomination process. Therefore, our chances are well, you know.

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