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  1. Maude Robinson says:

    Hi Michelle,
    You were in my neck of the woods in Inglewood, California. My tenant there called me last Saturday to tell me you were right down the street on Prairie and 108th Street at the market. I wish I could have been there. I live in Atlanta, Georgia now helping President with his campaign. We love you and Barack. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you and the President for your love toward human kind.
    Love you,

  2. Kamaldeen says:

    Good questions, Josh. Not sure I can ewsnar all of them as they are more like a logic puzzle than SEO or silo specific.When doing keyword research for use in optimizing a website, you usually find a few generic terms that have a zillion searches. It’s usually a mistake to go after these (but not always). One of my clients, for example, had the main keyword of life insurance . Lots of competition for that term, and high search volume for it. The average website is simply not going to rank well for life insurance , even if that’s mostly what they sell. There’s only room for 10 sites on the first page of Google search results. My client was on the first page of search results for several years, then the company was sold, changed their websites and all the good rankings went away. Sigh. (Bruce Clay’s company and mine both worked on that site at different times.)But for the average website, the keywords that actually apply to the site (the keywords that, when someone searched for them, that person would be very happy to find your site first at Google). Remember Google’s first responsibility is to their searchers; they want the searchers to be happy with the first thing in the search results.So look at it from that viewpoint, not How many keyword phrases can I possibly optimize the site for, that have high volume searches? But How many keywords would searchers want to find our site for, at the top of the search results? Optimize for those terms. Typically that will give you a shorter list, and much more specific (i.e., long tail ) keyword phrases.Back to the Life Insurance example: If your site isn’t Aetna or Met Life, or one of the other top 10 Life Insurance companies, don’t expect a number 1 listing on Google for a competitive term like life insurance . But if your site sells life insurance in eastern Kentucky, then by all means go for life insurance eastern Kentucky .Back to your question: I would not restructure the site to have better trafficked keywords. In my view, any commercial website is an advertisement for services or products. So once you know what your website’s products or services are, then you do your keyword research, and then you organize your site around the best-fitting keyword phrases for your site. Dog kennel manufacturer’s website would go for keywords related to dog kennel manufacturer or dog kennel supplier not dog kennels . If I were a searcher at Google looking for a local kennel to put my dog while I went away for a week, I would not want the dog kennel manufacturer to come to the top of the search results. But if I were running a dog kennel and needed some new cages for my kennel, I would not be looking for dog kennels I would be looking for dog kennel supplier or dog kennel manufacturer . For your sewer repair example, I would look at the main services your website is selling sewer repair (and localize it geographically, of course). And then silo toward your services, not necessarily toward the highest volume search terms related to those keywords.Someone else might do it differently, trying to maximize those wasted keyword phrases that don’t really apply to your site. I just want the visitors to be happy they found the site, and not go clicking on the next search result because when they found your site, it wasn’t right for them. Google pays attention to what gets clicked, and whether people stay at that site or go click the next search result immediately. Enough of that user behavior and you can expect a site will be devalued as a spam result, and go down in the rankings for that term and possibly others.That’s my take on it anyway.Best,Jere

  3. Ois says:

    Turn down your IPod remove the lodadercks from your ears. Didn’t hear the comment TEMPORARY KENNEL followed by the footage of the exercise yard.Yes that is where the dogs get out and run, play and stretch. The picture of the exercise yard was to help those too feeble to understand the concept of exercise. They dont sit and surf the web or play with their PS3 all day. The dogs actually HUNT and enjoy life.Look at his other videos and see if you can actually call it a puppy mill.

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