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Robb Tribble


Robb Tribble
Weekends on 92.9 The Game

Things about Robb Tribble:

  • Grew up in Decatur
  • Was so eager to please that he agreed to wear a white tux to his prom
  • Saw his mediocre college baseball career derailed by hedonism
  • Was gently coerced into joining the teamsters during his tenure at UPS
  • Started covering local sports in 1996
  • Best memory of working for NBC during the Olympics was watching the Italian swim team smoke cigarettes after a team workout
  • Believes in UFO’s and bigfoot.
  • Still uses a flip phone
  • Is a political radical moderate
  • Can drive a golf ball over 300 yards but still shoots in the mid 90’s
  • Is incapable of tanning
  • Once got up to 105 mph in his 1976 Pontiac ventura on highway 78.
  • Believes assault weapons and marijuana should be allowed at gay weddings.
  • Hates reality tv but watches it anyway.
  • Hates the sound of his own voice but works in radio anyway.
  • Isn’t charitable enough.
  • Even though a southerner he hates nascar and the carving on Stone Mountain.
  • The loss of two hockey teams has created debilitating abandonment issues.
  • Was once cursed out by Bobby Cox.
  • Thinks Tommy Nobis should be in the NFL hall of fame.
  • Once simultaneously saved two kids from drowning despite being hungover.
  • Found Chris Chandler to be insufferable with limited interpersonal skills.
  • Is afraid of Chuck Smith
  • Misses Bobby Cremins.
  • Approached Cliff Levingston in a bar believing he as Antoine  Carr.
  • Roots for Georgia Tech and Georgia but finds many bulldog fans annoying and delusional.
  • Is a proud luddite.
  • Married a northern Psychologist for the discount.
  • Has crooked lower teeth.
  • Is deathly afraid of rats.
  • Doesn’t trust vegetarians.
  • Gave up hunting after  inflicting a heart breaking gut shot on a deer.
  • Believes all Atlanta sports teams are cursed.
  • Has poor fashion sense.
  • Believes his doomsday prepper friends may be on to something.
  • Has close friendship with a Marxist professor.
  • Hates the DH
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