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Rev. Al Sharpton

(Photo credit SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton 11/5

    Al Sharpton gets a final interview with President Obama before the election. Dr. Hutchinson joins Al for Hot Button Monday. They stress it’s about turn out now. They all agree if we turn [...]


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Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton 10/29

  Andre Michael Eggelletion guest-host today on Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton. Complications with travel due to megastorm Hurricane Sandy re-routes Al Sharpton to Atlanta. AL and Dr. Hutchinson joins Andre Eggelletion by phone for this [...]


Reverend Al Sharpton conducts a press co

Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton 10/22

  Foreign Policy will be the theme of tonight’s final Presidential Debate. Can Mitt Romney raise enough attention on some foreign policy mishaps of the Obama Administration? Will President Obama bring attention to the American [...]


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Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton 10/15

Today on Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton, Al and Dr. Hutchinson analyze tomorrow’s Presidantial Debate #2. CNN’s Candy Crowley will moderate the dabate along with 80 random Americans town hall style. Both President Obama [...]


Sharpton Leads March Commemorating Anniversary Of MLK I Have A Dream Speech

Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton 10/8

Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton today on this Hot Button Monday, Al and Dr. Hutchinson breaks down the Supreme Courts upcoming vote on Affirmative Action Bill this Wednesday morning. Will the highest court vote [...]


Rev. Al Sharpton's Birthday Celebration

Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton 10/5/12

You know what day it is….it’s Friday! Each and every Friday Rev. Sharpton gets his weekly rundown of what’s going on in Black Hollywood from BRE Magazine CEO Sidney Miller. In this weeks rundown, Rev. Sharpton [...]


(Photo credit SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Keeping It Real w/ Reverend Al Sharpton 10/4/12

The day after “The Great Debate,” everyone has weighed in as to who won last night’s debate, what President Obama could have done differently, how much of what Romney said was just plain untrue. The [...]



Keep It Real w/ Al Sharpton 10/2/12

With just 7 days left, Reverend Sharpton is focused on the objective at hand….Getting everyone ready to VOTE! October 9th is the deadline to register to vote in this upcoming Presidential election.  Rev Al discussed [...]


Reverend Al Sharpton conducts a press co

Keep It Real w/ Al Sharpton 10/1

      How important are the Presidential Debates? As the first debate approaches Wednesday night, can President Obama and Mitt Romney be specific on their plans to improve the economy? Also the Supreme Court [...]



Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton 9/24

      Keep it real and join Al Sharpton tomorrow at Greater St. Luke Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Al and the National Action Network will be holding a Voter ID/ Suppression Rally. [...]





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