Rev. Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton: Exhale Friday’s Heats Up About The 2nd Amendment

“If I had the means I would own a tank” A listener suggest that the 2nd amendment means that you have the right to own any and all weapons and Rev. Al Sharpton fires back.


Al Sharpton Talking

Al Sharpton: Important Bills That Could Affect Your Children For A Lifetime

Al Sharpton and Mary Pat Hector discuss with the callers a new bill being proposed in Alabama that would require two parents signature on birth certificates or else the child would never be eligible for government assistance.


Al Sharpton Talking

Al Sharpton: Let’s Talk About Dallas

Black Lives Matter, But Violence and Murder is NOT the Answer, Sharpton Discusses with a Prolific Panel and with WAOK Guests to Discuss an Alternative.


Al Sharpton: Hot Button Mondays, Remembering Muhammad Ali

“Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like Bee” Al Sharpton Reflects on Muhammad Ali, Also Donald Trump is at it Again.


Al Sharpton Talking

Rev. Al Sharpton & Rev. Michael A. Walrond Reflecting On The Values America Was Founded On

Rev. Al & Rev. Walrond host a round table every week that invites all listeners and different point of views to be openly and honestly discussed.


Remembering The Late Great James Brown On Keeping It Real With Rev. Al Sharpton

The Godfather of Soul James Brown is Remembered by Friends and Family as We Celebrate Brown’s Birthday.


Hot Button Mondays On Keeping It Real With Rev. Al Sharpton

The questions of the day is. did Larry Wilmore go too far, was his comment disrespectful, and should he apologize?


Keeping it Real with Rev. Al Sharpton Discusses Flint & Charges Filed

Rev. Al Sharpton discuss the primary results, the implications, and discusses the charger in Flint, Michigan.


Rev. Al Sharpton Discusses The Reality of The Crime Bill

Rev. Al Sharpton clears up the deception that Bernie Sanders was not a supporter of the crime bill.


Exhale Fridays on Keeping it Real with Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Sharpton goes in depth with Clinton and Sanders voting history and allows you to chime in as well on WAOK.




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