Rev. Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton Interviews Tim Kaine

Compare and contrast the difference between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine as Kaine reviews his voting past, present, and moving forward toward the future.


What Have We Learned if Anything After The Final Debate

The insult train pulled into Las Vegas last night as Donald Trump held no punches and doubled down on offensive remarks to women and minorities


Is Melania Trump Fit To Be The First Lady?

Why is it supposed to be acceptable for Melania Trump to have nude pictures on the Internet but Vanessa Williams had to give back her crown over nude photos.


Al Sharpton On Michelle Obama’s Statements

It’s exhale Friday where we allow you, the listener to express your views and opinions to get it all off of your chest before the weekend arrives.


Donald Trump “Now The Shackles Are Off”

Today is the last day to register to vote in Georgia so make sure you get registered because black votes matter, we hope to see you out there!!!


Al Sharpton: Hurricane Matthew, The Rebuilding Needs To Start Now

The destruction continues as now there are over 800,000 without power in Florida, hundreds of lives have been claimed and towns wiped out and hurricane Matthew is not done yet.


Identifications That Will Not Allow You To Vote

The vital question is asked, why should there be any state or government I.D. that does not allow citizens to participate in the upcoming voting season?


Al Sharpton Reviews The Vice Presidential Debate

Facts verse Fiction, the Internet lit up last night to determine who won the debate and to verify statements made during last nights debate between Pence and Kaine.


Oral Nicholas Hillary Acquitted In Postdam Boy’s Killing

After a long journey involving a court case that had no DNA evidence against Mr. Hillary he is finally acquitted and can return home to his five children.


Al Sharpton Provides Actual Facts About Each Candidate

Al Sharpton says do not just blindly go join a party or a candidate, but urges all of the American people to please do their research and make an informed decision.



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