Rashad Richey

 Dr. Rashad Richey emerged from the streets of Atlanta to become a true force in the field of politics, social advocacy and government policy; electing people at virtually every level of government. With an uncompromising passion to help others and an unwavering desire to mentor our nations’ youth, Rashad has truly transformed his mess into his message and encourages others to do the same. As he always says, “No one is perfect, but anytime you help someone become a better “them” it always helps “you” become a better “you”.

Rashad is a highly sought after political strategist, mentor, and inspirational speaker. He’s one of the country’s youngest nationally syndicated radio personalities and can be heard locally on News and Talk 1380 WAOK- CBS Radio and The People’s Station V-103.  Rashad provides intriguing commentary, in-your-face debate and interviews about real issues relating to politics, social policies and life. Listeners are guaranteed to be informed with direct talk and a progressive platform. He also touches on major local and national stories as a writer for CBS Radio Atlanta. As the former Political Director and Senior Political Strategist for the Democratic Party in Georgia, an ex-gang member and being no stranger to overcoming obstacles, Rashad brings a unique real-world perspective rarely heard on talk radio.

In addition to politics and public policy, Rashad is a business owner, community advocate, gang expert/deprogrammer and serves the U.S. State Department through the GA Council of International Visitors as a Citizen Diplomat and member of the American Council of Young Political Leaders, whose international goals include human rights initiatives and the educational enhancement of international government relations. Rashad is also the Chief Lobbyist for the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and a Political Strategist.

Rashad earned his doctoral degree from Scofield Graduate School and is completing studies in executive leadership at Cornell University through their eCornell program. He also continues to serve on the board of directors for multiple organizations throughout Georgia and has developed many community groups by applying the skills of a strategic planner, organizer, fundraiser and activist. The NAACP, GA Secretary of State, GA State Senate, countless ministries and nonprofits have recognized Rashad with their highest awards and accolades for excellence in broadcasting and community involvement.

Through the years, Rashad has dedicated his life to ensuring that everyone has a political voice, regardless of class, race, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation. He also advocates for others who may not have always made the best decisions, but strive to be better people each day. Through political activism, mentoring, community involvement and the power of talk radio, Rashad has seen lives change for the better, including his own.

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