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Mason Maynard


Mason Maynard is an ex-college basketball player at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

He has only lived in the South for a short while so he brings a West Coast personality along with him due to living in Los Angeles and Phoenix, AZ for the majority of his life.

Studied Sports Broadcast Media to get into the Media world. He also studied Sociology in college to fully understand certain aspects of the sports realm and fan hood. And SEC country has been an eye opening experience for him so far.


Men’s Fashion: Do’s And Don’ts Of Winter Fashion

Bracing for the onslaught of wild winter weather with hats, gloves, sweaters, and scarves is rough stuff. And it’s a particularly treacherous time of year for letting your style take a nasty slip and fall. [...]

92.9 The Game–11/26/2013

"Selfie" Becomes Oxford Dictionary's New Word Of The Year

Men’s Fashion: Buying the Right Watch – The Where And The How

How to Buy: Though there are occasionally bargains and even great finds online, the prevalence of dodgy watches and dubious practitioners means your best bet is to go to an authorized dealer or retailer like Tourneau [...]

92.9 The Game–11/20/2013

Denver Nuggets v Sacramento Kings

Men’s Fashion – Dress Your Body Type: Tall

Although added inches generally confer advantages in the wardrobe department, men with tall body types, like myself, who is pushing towards the 7 foot mark, nevertheless face challenges in dressing their best. Here I will review [...]

92.9 The Game–11/15/2013

106 & Park LIVE

Men’s Fashion: The Essential Casual Shoe (And Other Ways To Dress Down)

The Essential Casual Shoe (and Other Ways to Dress Down) In the 119 years since Sigmund Florsheim started making shoes in his tiny Chicago workshop, the world has seen the rise of cross-trainers, flip-flops, Crocs, and [...]

92.9 The Game–11/06/2013

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Louisville v Florida

Men’s Fashion: Florida Fans… Please Stop Wearing Jorts And Crocs

You don’t have to tell this guy from the west that the Georgia Florida game is a big one for both schools. But what I have heard even more is the tailgating that is involved [...]

92.9 The Game–11/01/2013

(Credit: Damien Meyer/AFP/Getty Images)

Men’s Fashion: 7 Basic Rules Of Layering For Men

When I was approached at first to take on this “Men’s fashion blog” last week I first thought it was because I am from the west coast and know a few things on fashion. But [...]

92.9 The Game–10/23/2013