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John Fricke
Saturday & Sunday 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

John Fricke is a 30+ year veteran television and radio show host and anchor. An Emmy & AP award winner who was part of ACE award winning programs as well. His career has spanned his anchoring at CNN to his current hosting at Fox Sports Radio. and FSR on WikiPedia. He is also an acclaimed host & writer of top selling infomercials for AJ Golf. John has also been a news talk show host at both WSJS (Winston-Salem) and WGST (Atlanta). John began anchoring at CNN at age 21 and in 1982 he created the sports department at CNN Headline News (now HLN). He has been the play-by-play radio voice of both Wake Forest (1989-1990) and San Diego State (2003-2005) and did television PBP for Tennessee-Chattanooga (1992-1995) and Nebraska gymnastics and women’s basketball (1983-84). Sports Business Journal’s critic’s opinion of John’s FSR football show w/ Chris Landry.

Twitter: @JohnFricke


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